Ayo Simisaiye

Name: Ayo Simisaiye

Company: For The Public

Job Title: Entertainment Publicist

Ayo is a versatile freelance entertainment publicist, specialising in music, film, and television. Holding a BA degree in Law and Journalism and amassing over 7 years of experience, Ayo has played pivotal roles in Marketing and PR campaigns for prominent entities such as Disney, RedBull, Sky’s Yanga TV, The Beat London, Tour De Moon, and others. Fueled by an unwavering passion for Afrobeats and African culture, Ayo’s mission is to elevate Black and African culture within mainstream consciousness. In her capacity as a freelance UK Publicist and Marketer, she has successfully represented distinguished music clients such as Island Records, Oxlade, Bella Shmurda, Bob Marley, Sarkodie, King Perryy, and more. Venturing into the film and television industry, Ayo stands as a dedicated advocate for diversity and inclusivity. She actively ensures that diverse platforms and communities are embraced within these creative realms. Ayo’s impressive portfolio includes collaborations with industry giants like Disney, Marvel, Red Bull, contributions to the London Film Festival, and the orchestration of red carpet events for notable films like Lord of the Rings and Prime Video’s, Jungle.


Question 1: Who would you say is someone pivotal to your journey so far?

There’s so many I can be here all day. Liza Vallance, she has known me since i was 15 and was a person who saw talent in me and pushed me to be the woman i am today. Kelechi AFC – He literally told me to get into PR. Stu Oakley – He introduced me and taught me about the Film Industry. My two industry uncles, Shopsydoo and Michael Tubes, who always advise me and keep me grounded. And of course my amazing sisterhood in this industry Brenda Juliet, Giovanna Mae, Daisy Mae, Yewi Omo, Stefi Adanmu, Cindy Temi, theres loads but we will be here all day lol


Question 2: Who would be your ideal mentor, and why?

Beyonce – Just for her to teach me work ethic and consistency lmao


Question 3: What advice would you give the next Trailblazer looking to break into your field?

Be a good person! Good things happen to good people. Consistency is key, if you have an idea or are working on a project be consistent and dedicated until you have completed it. Network and always sell yourself! You never know who’s watching


Question 4: Who would you like to spotlight as your Trailblazer?

So i’m spotlighting Elizabeth Oladogba. Head of Events and Kinde. She’s not necessary in the music scene but she has been killing the creative entertainment marketing scene. Her vision and eye for events and production is amazing and i’m always in awe seeing her work in real life.