Damilola Onamusi

Name: Damilola Onamusi

Company: Keys the Prince/Nando’s

Job Title: Artist Manager & Events Manager


A multi-hyphenate businesswoman who by day plans some cool and fun activations for one of the UK’s biggest brands and by night (and sometimes during the day) manages one of the UK’s most promising talents; Keys the Prince, taking care of everything from strategy, branding, social media and partnerships.


Question 1: Who would you say is someone pivotal to your journey so far?

My artist, Keys, has been pivotal to my journey thus far. He has played a crucial role in shaping not only my confidence as an Artist Manager but also in my personal growth. Keys consistently reminds me of my strengths by recalling past conversations and ideas, reinforcing my belief in my abilities and reaffirming that I am skilled at what I do. With each day, I’m more assured of myself and my journey. It’s not easy but it is so rewarding and I’m loving it.


Question 2: Who would be your ideal mentor, and why?

David Ali. David manages some of the best artists in the music industry (Khelani, Larry June, Destin Conrard) and has been instrumental in helping the likes of Stormzy, Cench and others break into America. The thing about the artists that he manages is that NONE of them are doing this music thing in the traditional way, they’ve all carved out their own lane which is something I believe Keys, Dan (my co-manager) and I are doing every day.

To be mentored by David would be an honour, I know he has gems and stories for days!


Question 3: What advice would you give the next Trailblazer looking to break into your field?

My advice to the next Trailblazer looking to break into my field is to recognize that you have the power to create your own opportunities. You don’t need validation from others to prove your worthiness. Believe in yourself, trust your instincts, and be proactive in pursuing your goals. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and never underestimate the impact of hard work and perseverance. Remember, the path to success is often forged by those who dare to carve out their own way.


Question 4: Who would you like to spotlight as your Trailblazer?

I would like to spotlight Renee Kapuku, half of To My Sisterhood and a dear friend who I affectionately call my little big sister. Renee’s unwavering discipline, perseverance, hard work, and dedication are truly inspiring. She embodies resilience and determination in everything she does. Renee, your influence on me is profound, and I am endlessly grateful for your inspiration, not only to me but to countless others. Thank you for being a beacon of light and a source of strength. I cherish you forever and always.