Name: Elsie Ayotunde Cullen, Anthea Agyekum, Wildat Hassan, Shenell Kennedy

Company: GUAP

Job Title: Creative Community Agency


GUAP is a youth-led new media platform dedicated to discovering, showcasing and nurturing emerging & underrepresented creatives & communities.

Question 1: Who would you say is someone pivotal to your journey so far?

Shannie Mears has been a pivotal person in GUAP’s journey. Shannie helped GUAP secure our first office, our first brand partnership and also our first roster of volunteers.

Question 2: Who would be your ideal mentor, and why?

My ideal mentor would be Justine Simons, OBE. Who is the Deputy Mayor for London’s Creative and Cultural Industries. I’m extremely passionate about mobilising Creativity and Culture for Human Development and am striving to rise to a position of senior leadership within this space to ensure better interconnectedness between the creative/cultural sector and the development sectors, including health, education etc.

Question 3: What advice would you give the next Trailblazer looking to break into your field?

I’d say keep pushing, keep moving, keep learning, keep growing. The journey is never-ending but each step you take, you get the opportunity to walk more and more in line with your purpose. The journey is long and sometimes extremely tiring, so ensure you protect your passion, energy and wellbeing.

Question 4: Who would you like to spotlight as your Trailblazer?

Chiamaka Ojechi! Co-founder of PAQ a south-london based creative agency and design studio creating a company filled with purpose, authenticity and quality!