Ladies Love Dankie

Name: Ladies Love Dankie

Company: Dankie Sounds

Job Title: DJ, Events and Brand Partnerships


Ladies Love Dankie is a featured event that was birthed from recognising the need to showcase the female importance in this scene. It is an event series where solely female DJ’s form the line up


Question 1: Who would you say is someone pivotal to your journey so far?

My sisters in music! The way we as women collectively and continuously support each other is just so beautiful. Everyone is on their own journey, championing greatness with love of music at the forefront. We need each other to do what we do, and it’s apparent that it’s been working


Question 2: Who would be your ideal mentor, and why?

My ideal mentor would probably be Peggy Gou or Solange Knowles. They are queens of what they do without having stuck to the status quo. They’ve broken boundaries and paved the way for unconventional musical creativity to blossom.


Question 3: What advice would you give the next Trailblazer looking to break into your field?

You have to be very self aware, stay grounded and enjoy yourself. The industry will push you to your limits! Ask questions and don’t be afraid to do so. There is so much knowledge and expertise out there, if you don’t ask you’ll never know. And lastly, be kind to yourself.


Question 4: Who would you like to spotlight as your Trailblazer?

I don’t think I can answer this with just one person! So to all the ladies, breaking boundaries, creating spaces, championing their craft, refining their sound. This Ones for us!