Rahel Aklilu

Name: Rahel Aklilu

Company: Sheridans

Job Title: Freelance music and culture journalist + music industry professional


A freelance music and culture journalist and music industry professional

Question 1: Who would you say is someone pivotal to your journey so far?

Laura Arowolo, a friend and mentor who has guided me across all my practicees in and around music, with her own expansive experience and knowledge.

Question 2: Who would be your ideal mentor, and why?

Dina LaPolt, one of the most prolific music lawyers and artist advocates in the industry and an all-round idol

Question 3: What advice would you give the next Trailblazer looking to break into your field?

Start before you’re ready. When you’re a beginner in the music industry, passion and hard work can trump experience

Question 4: Who would you like to spotlight as your Trailblazer?

NJ, founder of WNDRLST. A trailblazer who has always paved the way for others and shared opportunities for her peers and colleagues to grow